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MBBS Doctor Jobs
Get MBBS Doctor Jobs for Bright & Secure Future

If you are an MBBS, doctor jobs are not going to be hard to find. Rise in population is not the only reason why doctors are in huge and constant demand, the more relevant reason is that healthcare industry has made way into our country and India is booming on that front.  Doctors are in demand in private hospital, govt. hospitals, medical healthcare, Rehabilitation centers, research centers, and everywhere.

Cities like Hyderabad have undergone an absolute transformation in a few years because of healthcare industry that has brought a revolution there and it has turned into a medical hub. In Hyderabad, not only people from India are thronging for treatment but patients from other countries are also making a beeline as India works out cheaper as an option than other more developed countries. Patients save substantially when they choose India as their treatment destination. After Hyderabad, healthcare centers are being set-up in other cities as well.   Little wonder we see full scale, well equipped hospitals coming up in almost all cities across India.

Demand For MBBS Doctors Jobs in Hospitals

As new hospitals are being set up, demand for MBBS Doctors Jobs is also looking up. And this has given a fresh lease of life to doctor as a career. Once again people are turning towards this line, aspiring to get educated to become qualified to apply for MBBS Doctor Job Vacancies.

Becoming a doctor is a long drawn process and needs hard work on the part of candidate aspiring for doctor’s degree.  One can become doctor after passing 12th standard exams. Admission depends on one’s score in exam as well as NEET score which is an entrance examination that all candidates aspiring for MBBS degree.  Based on score and seats students are allotted seats in government colleges, when government seats get filled, the overflow of students seek admission in private medical colleges. The fee in private colleges may vary from college to college. Some colleges have such high fee that Indian students have also lately started exploring option of completing their MBBS degree from foreign universities where fee is much less or equivalent in some cases and facilities and standard of education is very good.  MBBS students who pursue education abroad have to come and appear for an equivalence exam by MCI. On clearing this exam they are issued license by Indian authorities to practice the profession in India. Earlier NEET was not mandatory for students pursuing MBBS abroad but now according to new rules NEET is must for all.  In 4 years MBBS course, residential program or internship is also part of the program after which they are issued the degree.  After getting degree they can look for MBBS doctor jobs.

Once candidate earns degree, rest comes easy. Jobs for MBBS doctors in Mumbai, or in any mini metro or even smaller town are easy to find. Chances for an MBBS doctor to find a good job and have a flourishing and secure career is always bright. However to improve one’s chances of finding the best MBBS doctors job in best hospital so that one can work in good environment and his/her chances of progress are bright, one must register with a recruitment agency that specializes in finding jobs in healthcare industry for qualified and experienced candidates.

Curaa is one such professionally driven medical recruitment agency which helps many candidates who register with it find great career.  They assist candidates in many ways to make an in road into a career. New pass outs know little about professional working world, Curaa introduces them to MBBS doctor jobs avenues to improve their chances to identify and stay in a good stable career.

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Job Portal for Doctors in India
Job Portal for Doctors in India – A Positive Sign of Growth

Job portal for doctors in India is a solid step in the direction of positive progress. Earlier doctors also used the same old route to find themselves a good job or career. They would apply against newspaper advertisements, go through medical journals month after month, leave their resumes with leading hospitals, appear in entrance exams for getting government jobs and hope to be selected in campus interviews. It was the same old slow, traditional, drab process even after all the years of working hard and excelling in such a sought after career. Forget medical staffing agencies at that time, even simple recruitment agencies were far and few that many thought would never survive or take off.

Fast forward a few years and here we more than halfway past 2018, living life in the busy, congested fast lanes, where job portals for doctors in India have arrived and are looking perfectly settled down. Their demand is growing as doctors and those seeking career in medical profession or industry are waking up to the fact that medical staffing agencies offer professional outlook and approach that actually does a lot of good to their professional life.

Services Offered by Medical Staffing Agencies

These doctors recruitment agencies not only present many interesting opportunities to candidates who are registered with them, in various towns as per candidate’s preference but also offer guidance and other services to improve their future at professional level.

Some examples of services offered by these doctors’ placement services include fine-tuning your resume, teaching you to face interviews better, teach you to communicate your ideas more clearly; they also offer general counselling through their professionally qualified counsellors to offer you a better insight and focus into various avenues in your own career that you did not pay attention to, thus with all the practical knowledge automatically filling you up with much needed confidence that a candidate needs to be picked up by a good institution.

The core objective of any Job Portal for Doctors in India is to bring candidate and healthcare industry on a common platform where they can evaluate each other’s suitability and discuss terms of employment.  These medical staffing agencies create a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process. Candidates are able to find jobs that they were looking for by registering their profile with them, they don’t need to move out of town and knock doors of each hospital or healthcare outfit as they know that the recruitment agency is already on the job and contracting and asking them to check profiles of candidates registered with them.

On the other hand healthcare outfits know that by registering their profile with recruitment portals will offer access to a data of candidates who are qualified and seeking career in medical field. So they can straightway check profile or candidates, ask a few questions off-hand may be through the dialogue box, and set up interview dates. It saves them time and energy to go through the pile of resumes. Here they get ready to interview profiles of candidates. Recruitment agency does the job of getting them to meet to discuss terms of employment. So we can see how everyone is a winner here.

If you are looking for Job Portal for Doctors in India, don’t miss Curaa. It is a highly professional and well established recruitment agency specializing in showcasing employment opportunities in healthcare sector. It has staff comprising counsellors, resume designers, they hold mock interviews, and offer better knowledge and insight into your industry to improve your chances and confidence of finding right job and having a good run in your career.

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Medical Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai
Here’s How to Shortlist Medical Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai

If you are searching for medical recruitment agencies in Mumbai, it is great news. Great news it indeed is, because it reflects a shift in attitude that India is undergoing. Seeking professional help always gives you an edge in life. It takes the results a few notches higher. Be it choosing a career or finding an employment! We as customers are evolving and so are the recruitment agencies. Earlier till a decade and a half ago, we used to have recruitment agencies and now they have evolved and become specialized in their work. Medical Recruitment Agencies are an evolved version of recruitment agencies. They specialize in counselling candidates interested in finding a job or career in healthcare industry. On one hand they know what the healthcare industry demands and on the other it prepares and grooms candidates to attain the skills and added qualifications that will help them stand higher and improve their chances of finding a good employment and grow in their professional life.

Medical Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai do Value Addition

 If you live in metros like Mumbai or want to shift there to pursue your career the best way is that you ought to look for healthcare recruitment agencies in Mumbai to help you out. Medical Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai are highly professional and up to the mark; they know and understand the pulse of the market. They have data, they have analysts, and they have counsellors who offer the best and most relevant advice to candidates who approach them for guidance and finding suitable placement. So while on one hand they present candidates with best opportunities available in the medical sector, on the other hospitals and healthcare or research centers find them dependable as they only forward candidature of relevant candidates and save them the trouble of scanning through the maze of irrelevant resumes to shortlist candidates.

The healthcare recruitment agencies in India have come a long way since their inception. Safe to say they’ve arrived. You should choose your recruitment agency by following some basic guidelines and rules. Check out when were they established, how competent is their staff that interacts with you, how effective and prompt is their Help Desk, do they understand your aspirations; are they able to guide you to upgrade and choose better etc.

Choosing and going with wrong or substandard Medical Recruitment Agencies , be it in Mumbai or any other place; be it healthcare recruitment agencies in India anywhere, wrong advice, immature counselling, and guidance can absolutely ruin your career by setting a wrong direction for it. Once you are off the track or lose momentum or give a wrong start, it will take months or sometimes even years of toil to come revive it.

Identifying and hiring the right medical consultancy in India is a big time decision for everyone.  If you are a doctor or candidate seeking career in healthcare field, and are looking for recruitment agency contact CURAA. This professional recruitment agency specializing in medical recruitment can help you find jobs in Mumbai or anywhere in India in medical sector.

Medical Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai, whether they have their main office or branch in Mumbai make good sense because they know what are hospitals in Mumbai looking for in their candidature and vice-versa. They do the job of bringing employer and employee on a common platform to evaluate each other for suitability. Both parties with good healthcare recruitment agencies in Mumbai or elsewhere are at ease because they are assured that the agency will continue to provide data of better candidates; ditto for candidates who know that once they register with a reliable recruitment Agency, their future is secure and in safe hands.

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Jobs for MBBS Doctors
Increase in Jobs for MBBS Doctors

Jobs for MBBS Doctors will always be consistent, in great demand, and enjoy a reputation, no matter which part of the country you as a qualified doctor live in or want to pursue career in. From the smallest village dependent solely on agriculture to a mega city comprising concrete jungle and in the middle of civil development and industrialization Jobs for MBBS Doctors are everywhere. The question is where the doctors want to pursue their career.

Along with coming of large healthcare set-ups across the country, various specializations are making inroads into our medical culture that were not there earlier and most of us stuck to standard investigations, procedures, reading or reports, and medical treatments. .Much has changed since.

New Hospitals Increase the Scope for Resident Medical Officer Jobs

As healthcare industry is expanding, scope for doctors to find jobs in the state or city of their choice is also looking much brighter. Resident Medical Officer Jobs or RMO jobs as they are commonly referred to are relatively newer opportunities for doctors, being lapped up by more and more doctors.

It is in huge demand and is a result and outcome of the change in medical structure happening in India. Not that RMO jobs were absent from the scene, they were definitely there but very few and people were also not open to the idea. Nobody wanted to move out of their own town that provided a perfect personal comfort zone. But things are changing now. People are open to moving out as they understand the importance of attaining professional success. They are learning to adapt themselves and create their own comfort zone wherever they go. All new hospitals across all the cities that are coming up require more than one RMO.

For example demand for RMO jobs in Mumbai is big as RMO job in a smaller city. While some doctors may be interested in RMO jobs in Mumbai hospitals some might prefer smaller cities for reasons of their own. People interested to pursue career as Resident Medical Officers can find jobs in private hospital, government hospitals, medical healthcare centers, Rehabilitation centers, Research centers and so on. Earlier we were seeing medical industry focusing on only one or two cities like Hyderabad etc. in India for a few years, which indeed played a role in changing the face of that city and boosting its economy and employment dynamics, flow of floating population and so on, but slowly that progress touched other cities and now we see every city is witnessing coming-up of full-fledged hospitals. All these set-ups require RMOs to run the show and this demand for jobs for MBBS doctors in all the fields as well as proper RMO jobs in Mumbai or elsewhere don’t seem to be fading for years to come.

Medical industry in India as we can see is on the path of progress, and we are seeing advanced medical care centers being built everywhere, foreign investments and investment from our own corporate giants has boosted the economy. This progress is leading to economic development; people are becoming more conscious of their health; healthcare is becoming more accessible etc. Hospitals promising to work round the clock to serve patients also need RMO on the job 24X7! To seek Jobs for MBBS Doctors or find job as RMO in Mumbai or elsewhere, your best bet is to register with recruitment agency like Curaa that specializes in assisting candidates looking for career in Medical industry. They are better informed about latest demands and vacancies and can guide and prepare candidates better to develop a competitive edge and improve their chances of finding a job with a good set-up that promises steady progress through the future and certainty in this fragile environment.


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Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in India
Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in India in Limelight!

Healthcare recruitment agencies in India are attracting attention as healthcare industry is growing in India and healthcare and medical jobs are emerging like never before.

Healthcare Jobs in India Rising

India is being developed as a medical hub where patients from across the globe can come to get treatments for various ailments and conditions. To meet this objective, healthcare industry is being set up. More hospitals mean more demand for doctors. This is what is leading to increase in demand for healthcare jobs in India. Some of you might want to know as to why would a patient from another country come to India if the same treatment is available in his/her own country? Well they will come and get treatments in India because India offers the same treatment at one fourth of the cost. We have competent doctors and now we’re on way to developing good facilities and infrastructures at par with what patients are used to in their own country. When we offer it all to them, they will come to India and this inflow of patients will generate a new source of income for India. This is the reason why Healthcare industry is being developed. All the commercial flood gates such as foreign funding, FDI, etc. are being entertained; government is becoming liberal and open so that we can build a good infrastructure and take our country on the path of progress.

One very important link that completes that building of healthcare infrastructure is healthcare recruitment agencies in India. Nobody can deny their role of healthcare recruitment agencies in making the infrastructure strong and robust. Because no matter how big or solid infrastructure, finally it is people who run it. If people are not competent, survival becomes a meek possibility.

MBBS is a very rewarding career for the students as there are good job and career opportunities available to students who have earned a degree in medicine or surgery after the decision to grow healthcare sector has come into being. MBBS is a professional field that offers cent percent guarantee that you will not remain unemployed. No doctor in this country, who has an MBBS degreeis without a job. Now the situation is likely to get even better.

For past few years with healthcare placement rising. MBBS degree has got a new lease of life. Healthcare and medical jobs are rising like we have not witnessed in a long time!Some of us may even remember, not too long ago we would hear people saying there are doctors to be found on every nook and corner of India and that in terms of producing doctors India has reached saturation point!

Fast forward a few years with Healthcare sector picking up in India; here we are, dealing with shortage of doctors and emergence of healthcare recruitment agencies in India, who seem to be running busy schedules. They have an online presence which makes their accessibility easy in the era of internet and social media, where if things are not happening online, they are literally not happening! This may sound like exaggeration, but in real life, it doesn’t feel so.

Healthcare jobs in India are on the rise. For doctors to find the best opportunities as well as for healthcare industry to find the best recruits to run their show, the best platform is healthcare recruitment agencies in India where they can find each other and discuss business terms. Curaa is one professional and very systematic healthcare recruitment agency that providers for a perfect platform for prospective employer and employee to meet and talk business.

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Doctors Job in India
Doctors Job in India are Back with a BANG!

With healthcare industry steadily making its way in India, demand for doctors jobs in India is on the rise. With rise in demand for doctors job, we are seeing that more number students want to pursue the degree. While most people thought that MBBS as a career was losing its sheen, it came back with a bang! The reason for MBBS to again become a hot degree was that healthcare as an industry made its way into India. We are already a name to reckon with patients around the world who’re looking for cheaper treatments options. India not only boasts of the most competent doctors; it now also has the right infrastructure, environment, and systems in place that match the best in the world. And we are able to offer medical treatments at a much cheaper cost.

With India becoming medical hub international patients are looking India-wards for treatment. More hospitals are being set up which naturally demand more doctors. And to meet the demand for doctors, new colleges for medicine are coming up. That’s the most logical way to put the facts across.

It has increasingly been felt that government colleges alone with limited availability of seats are not able to meet the demand; as a result of which private medical colleges are coming up.

Criteria for Jobs for Doctors in India

MBBS is amongst the most coveted and designated degrees being pursued in India and is the only course in India for candidates wanting to become medical doctor. Nearly 50,000 doctors pass out every year. While some pursue advance education, some find jobs in India and some move to other countries in search of greener pastures.

Only qualified and certified doctors who’ve passed MBBS from recognized college can apply for Doctors job in India. It takes 5.5 years to complete MBBS degree which includes one year of hands-on training. Some students in India are also pursuing MBBS from abroad. There are many universities in Asia and other continents that accept Indian students are recognized by India. Once students successfully complete MBBS from any of these foreign universities, they have to appear for an exam here in India to be granted a license to practice and apply for doctors job in India. Majority of students are granted the permission and license which entitles them to practice in India. Post license one can apply for a surgeon’s job, as well as apply against physiotherapy job vacancy.

The crux of the matter is whether you pursue MBBS from an Indian Government College, private college or from a recognized university in another country you can find doctors job in private hospital, Govt. hospitals, medical healthcare, Rehabilitation centers, Research centers. And with the way healthcare industry is looking up in India, the future of doctors is looking bright too. The next big question after one has embarked upon doctors’ career is where and how to find doctors jobs; what’s the best way to go about it? Well, you may check online, scan newspapers, medical journals or go to the age-old method of registering with placement or recruitment agencies! Well work on everything and certainly don’t make the grave mistake of under estimating the strength of registering with recruitment agencies.

Curaa is one such recruitment agency with an edge! What sets Curaa apart, is that it focuses on providing employment exclusively to candidates interested in jobs in the healthcare sector. It specializes in doctors jobs in India. You can visit their website and get all the details and even register your profile with them or forward to friends who needs it! Can it get any easier than this?

So, if you are looking for doctors job in India… go for it, go for the best!

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Online Medicals Jobs for Doctors in India
The Trending Online Medical Jobs for Doctors in India

It is difficult to arrive at one single conclusion as to why online medical jobs for doctors in India are so much on the rise, why are they being sought so frequently by patients and why people have been so fast on the uptake of this new concept of talking to your doctor via an app! Is it because we have suddenly become too busy and has no time to pay a visit to the doctor, or have the doctors become too busy to see patients in person, or is it because there is convenience of internet which was not there until some years ago, that gave us a way to go in the virtual world and get solution to our problem within no time. May be a bit of all this, plus one more possible angle of traffic! With so much vehicle congestion and pollution etc. people may be exploring the option of reaching out to doctors online instead of maneuvering through pollution and endless traffic signals!

As a result of this transition new kinds of jobs are emerging, called the telemedicine jobs. When you talk to doctor or patient over telephone and treatment and medicines are prescribed the process is called telemedicine.

Unique Jobs for MBBS Doctors Now!

Advent of internet has resulted in creating a unique opportunity of telemedicine jobs for doctors. It is not only individual patient reaching out to his doctor over phone or email or visiting his/her website, even corporate offices have woken up to it and are offering their employees telemedicine facility along with medical insurance. Offices give you specific list of doctors and hospitals you can get in touch with through your mobile app from wherever you are. Location is no more a barrier; neither for patient nor for doctor; nor are timings; appointments are passé too! Thus online medical jobs for doctors in India are growing with each passing phase. More and more offices be it government or private or corporate offices, everyone is hiring doctors they can contact online. Thus telemedicine jobs for doctors in India are on the rise!

While it is working for patients on one hand, on the other, it is working very well for doctors too who can work from home now by associating with organizations that hire them as online consultants. All the hospitals these days have online consultation facility that they offer to their outstation customers. Visit any hospital’s website, and you will see information with regard to online consultation. You can consult with doctors of any hospital in India now online. All major hospitals or healthcare centers have an exclusive team of doctors that only offer online consultation.

The best and surest way for doctors looking for telemedicine jobs so that they can work from home or earn extra income or get empaneled with corporate organizations, is to register with online recruitment agency specializing in providing employment in healthcare sector. Curaa is one such healthcare recruitment agency which offers many types of opportunities for those looking for career in healthcare sector. Whether you are a general physician or specialist doctor, you can register your profile and furnish all the details for right opportunities to flow your way. Curaa is a professional full-fledged healthcare recruitment agency that’ll help you find the most lucrative, and best Online Medical Jobs for Doctors in India by helping you fine-tune your resume, give interview tips, advise a short course to brush up or update your skills etc. thereby improving chances to find telemedicine jobs that work for you!

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Physiotherapy Jobs
Scope & Nature of Physiotherapy Jobs

In physiotherapy jobs, a therapist helps to improve and resolve patients ‘physical movement related problem, and streamlines functions of the human body in order to help him gain or restore optimal physical health. Physiotherapist’s job involves assessment, diagnosis and treatment of health problems involving physical disability with help of techniques like simple exercise massage, therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, ultrasound, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and many more as s/he may deem fit and access to tools and technology.

For those seeking career in Physiotherapy which is high in demand these days, have to pursue graduation, it’s called BPT, Bachelor in Physiotherapy and those interested in advanced studies to reach higher on career ladder pursue masters in physiotherapy called the MPT course. While BPT is a four year full time course, followed by an internship lasting six months or more; MPT is a two year full time course.  These courses, besides theory also impart practical hands-on training. They use a variety of teaching/ learning techniques, from lectures, discussing case discussions, practical exercises, and laboratory work, to field visits, attending seminars, getting into collaborative learning, group discussions, assignments, hands-on training, internship, dissertation, and so on.

After successfully completing bachelor or master’s degree aspirants can apply against physiotherapy job vacancies in a city of their choice. This profession is in very high in demand. Whether one is looking for physiotherapy jobs in Pune, Hyderabad, or any other city in India, with right qualifications and some experience on your side, it is a career offering bright and lucrative future.

A physiotherapist can work or get jobs in the following set-ups:

  • He / She can join a private physiotherapy center
  • Can offer services as a an independent therapist
  • Can work in a day clinic part time/fulltime therapist
  • Can join private or government hospital
  • Join nursing home
  • Work in health resorts
  • Can specialize in children’s physiotherapy and offer services,

Physiotherapists primarily help patients restore health from a state of incapacity that may have arisen owing to genetic defect, accident, or an unfortunate illness. In physiotherapy jobs candidate has to have solid knowledge of the human anatomy and complexities of bones, muscles and nerves, etc. He gains better insight with experience and keeping oneself updated through medical journals.

Physiotherapy vacancy is not hard to find in today’s times where we are seeing so many healthcare organizations setting up hospitals in various cities and towns of India. Earlier this career option/job was not so popular hence we had fewer people pursuing a career in it. However, now physiotherapy jobs are sought as each hospital needs at least one full time physio and several part-time as per demand if not more, especially multispecialty hospitals.

For those who have completed BPT or MPT and are on a lookout for suitable opening in the field of Physiotherapy in hospitals or any of the above mentioned set-ups where vacancy for physiotherapist is likely to exist, should keep their eyes open. If it is not possible for candidates to keep an eye on all good job openings across the region, they should register themselves with recruitment agencies that provide manpower to these healthcare set-ups. These agencies are in the know of the best vacancies in healthcare centers, and if you’re registered with them, chances are without having to scan through newspapers and journals and internet, they will bring the best vacancies to you. Curaa is one such recruitment agency specializing in healthcare manpower with a helpful team to guide you through every step to help you make the rich career decision. If you’re interested, please visit their website and register your profile with them and get going! Sooner than you know, you may have the best Physiotherapy jobs choices in hand!

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BHMS Doctors in India
Opportunities for BHMS Doctors in India

Homeopathy is an ancient and alternate branch of medicine which is extremely popular in India.

As one gets ready to prepare for a career in BHMS s/he ought to have basic information about this career. The first and most important thing to know for an aspirant is that s/he ought to be a qualified Homeopath to practice as a Doctor. For which one has to devote 9-10 years to studying the subject. A homeopath isn’t someone who earns a certificate through a’eight-week’ crash course. A professional homeopath in India has to undertake and complete 5-year course just like a regular MBBS, with one year of internship at a hospital. BHMS student also has to study the same subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Gynecology, Surgery and Medicine that are taught to one getting trained for becoming a doctor of allopathy.To become Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy [M.D. (Hom)], candidate is required to study for three more years and also do one-year fellowship course in dermatology. Thus it may take around ten years for one to become a Homeopath. It is only then that s/he becomes qualified to apply against vacancy for BHMS Doctors  anywhere in India.

As India is growing as a healthcare hub, there is no dearth of jobs for BHMS doctors and allied services. In fact Homeopathy has millions of followers in India and across the world; it is a science and branch of treatment that many generations have sworn by. Thus it enjoys a really wide acceptance. Healthcare set-ups that are coming up are also not ignoring this fact and many of them are setting up separate department where alternate therapies and treatment specialists attend to patients. The best thing about Homeopathy is that this course of treatment can run parallel to allopathy. In majority of cases it does not create a hurdle for allopathy but speeds up the process of recoupment etc.

For those looking for BHMS jobs in Mumbai will find many opportunities to work in the metro in general hospitals as well as homeopathy hospitals. A homeopath can also set up private practice by opening his own clinic. If you scan through Vacancy for BHMS Doctors in Mumbai you will come across many of them whether in newspapers, medical magazines, on the net, through placement agencies and many such avenues.

For those looking at jobs for homoeopathic doctors in Mumbai, Chennai or any city or town the best way to go about it is to register with recruitment or placement agencies. These days, recruitment agencies have also started focusing on specific industry in order to become more organized as well as enhance the

quality of their service. Now there are placement agencies that focus exclusively on healthcare industry.

If you are a homeopathy doctor in search of job you may have heard about Curaa. It is a placement agency that specializes in providing jobs to doctors and hospital staff in healthcare industry in private hospitals and government hospitals. When you register with Curaa it not only presents various vacancies in your preferred department and city/town but also assist you in ways that will improve your chances of finding a job of your choice.Curaa guides you to face interview with confidence, it helps you to create a focused resume. As they have many healthcare outfits as their clients they offer a wide choice of vacancy for BHMS Doctors and can also counsel you with regard to hospitals that will suit your temperament.

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Hospital Job Openings
Hospital Job Openings On An Upswing

Number of hospitals are increasing and with that are increasing hospital job openings. One can’t survive without the other. And all of us living in India are witnessing as well experiencing the huge leap healthcare industry is taking. We are witnessing growth of healthcare infra in India like never before! Many of us fortunately or unfortunately may have also experienced the taste or corporate hospitals and know how well maintained, well attended and organized, and comfortable they happen to be. They are vibrating and do everything to take our sickness away. They provide a positive, relaxed environment where recovery happens faster.

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