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With healthcare industry steadily making its way in India, demand for doctors jobs in India is on the rise. With rise in demand for doctors job, we are seeing that more number students want to pursue the degree. While most people thought that MBBS as a career was losing its sheen, it came back with a bang! The reason for MBBS to again become a hot degree was that healthcare as an industry made its way into India. We are already a name to reckon with patients around the world who’re looking for cheaper treatments options. India not only boasts of the most competent doctors; it now also has the right infrastructure, environment, and systems in place that match the best in the world. And we are able to offer medical treatments at a much cheaper cost.

With India becoming medical hub international patients are looking India-wards for treatment. More hospitals are being set up which naturally demand more doctors. And to meet the demand for doctors, new colleges for medicine are coming up. That’s the most logical way to put the facts across.

It has increasingly been felt that government colleges alone with limited availability of seats are not able to meet the demand; as a result of which private medical colleges are coming up.

Criteria for Jobs for Doctors in India

MBBS is amongst the most coveted and designated degrees being pursued in India and is the only course in India for candidates wanting to become medical doctor. Nearly 50,000 doctors pass out every year. While some pursue advance education, some find jobs in India and some move to other countries in search of greener pastures.

Only qualified and certified doctors who’ve passed MBBS from recognized college can apply for Doctors job in India. It takes 5.5 years to complete MBBS degree which includes one year of hands-on training. Some students in India are also pursuing MBBS from abroad. There are many universities in Asia and other continents that accept Indian students are recognized by India. Once students successfully complete MBBS from any of these foreign universities, they have to appear for an exam here in India to be granted a license to practice and apply for doctors job in India. Majority of students are granted the permission and license which entitles them to practice in India. Post license one can apply for a surgeon’s job, as well as apply against physiotherapy job vacancy.

The crux of the matter is whether you pursue MBBS from an Indian Government College, private college or from a recognized university in another country you can find doctors job in private hospital, Govt. hospitals, medical healthcare, Rehabilitation centers, Research centers. And with the way healthcare industry is looking up in India, the future of doctors is looking bright too. The next big question after one has embarked upon doctors’ career is where and how to find doctors jobs; what’s the best way to go about it? Well, you may check online, scan newspapers, medical journals or go to the age-old method of registering with placement or recruitment agencies! Well work on everything and certainly don’t make the grave mistake of under estimating the strength of registering with recruitment agencies.

Curaa is one such recruitment agency with an edge! What sets Curaa apart, is that it focuses on providing employment exclusively to candidates interested in jobs in the healthcare sector. It specializes in doctors jobs in India. You can visit their website and get all the details and even register your profile with them or forward to friends who needs it! Can it get any easier than this?

So, if you are looking for doctors job in India… go for it, go for the best!

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