Urology Jobs in India

If you want to know why urology jobs in India are on the rise, this post is for you. India owing to boom in healthcare industry is being viewed by the world as medical hub where treatments are much cheaper and infrastructure and doctors as competent. As more and more state-of-the-art hospitals are being set up, which have department for Urology, the demand for urology jobs are rising.

Urology is a field of medicine that focuses on health of urinary system. One who has specialized in this branch of medicine is known as the Urologist. A urologist can treat general diseases related to urinary tract and can also be a specialist, having mastery over specific area like female urology, male fertility, urologic oncology, pediatric urology and so on.

Urologist diagnoses and treats diseases related to the urinary tract in both genders. Besides, they also treat complications involving the reproductive tract in men. In select cases if required they also perform surgeries. In women they treat kidneys, ureter, bladder, urethra, adrenal glands etc. These are parts of urinary tract system. In men they treat testicles, penis, prostrate etc.

To get jobs and practice it professionally Urologists have to earn degree of MBBS with further training to specialize in Urology. Some urologists also go for additional training for a year or two known as fellowship. During which they gain skills in a specialty area that can include urologic oncology or female urology.

Urology jobs in India are in demand. There are many reasons for it. We as a nation have become more conscious and aware towards our health. Health problems are on the rise, due to various lifestyle complexities. Healthcare industry is growing in India for past few years like never before. Demand for healthcare staff and a professional is high, along with other, urology job openings are everywhere, in every small or big city which is setting up healthcare infrastructures and hospitals.

All the hospitals which have a departments that diagnose, treat and carry out biopsies of the bladder, perform cystectomy, kidney transplant, procedure to open blockage, repair damage due to injury, prostatectomy, have urology job opportunities. And almost all big hospitals setting up units in various cities in India have department of Urology. So it is natural for urology jobs in India to rise.

The best way to find job openings by urologists is to go via recruitment agencies that specialize in providing healthcare jobs. If candidates decide to look for jobs themselves, their reach will be limited. At the most they can scan through newspapers, medical journals, check online, submit their resume to hospitals physically as well as online, but none of these vehicles are as effective as they were 20 years ago. Recruitment agencies have detailed data about hospitals who need urologists, when you submit your resume with them, they can give you an insight about the hospitals that need their services, prepare them better for interviews, guide candidates according to their qualifications and present best opportunities that suit their skill set. Curaa is one such recruitment agency that specializes in medical recruitment. They are very well networked agency whose website gets traffic from candidates as well hospitals and healthcare set ups. Their database is strong on the side of candidates as well as hospitals. And it has proved to be a dependable platform for both. It does not charge (hidden and otherwise) any fee from candidates while offering them or showing them opportunities where they can apply for jobs.

So if you also a urologist on a look out for urology jobs in India, enroll with Curaa. Submit your resume with them. They have presence in various cities so they can offer you jobs that suit your preference of city. Curaa is a convenience no candidate looking for jobs should miss out on.

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