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If you’re a qualified candidate all set to join healthcare industry, are searching for healthcare recruitment agencies in Nagpur or healthcare recruitment agencies in Mumbai, to find suitable employment in the sector, you out to show some wisdom in choosing the agency you choose. Hiring the right agencies can prove good for your professional life.

You ought to take your time to study the recruitment agency you enroll with, select those that suit you and not submit your resume, there, here and sundry. Whether you’re looking for part time job or full time job in any city like Mumbai or Nagpur in healthcare, your recruitment agency should be one that follows right system, has networked with top healthcare organizations, and revamps their hiring or recruitment strategy according to changing industry trends.

When top companies including healthcare recruitment agencies in Nagpur and other cities were interviewed it was found that:

  • A little less than half of these potent employers were skeptical about finding the quality of talent they wanted to recruit or enroll.
  • Near about seventy percent reported that they were perpetually struggling to recruit candidates with the precise skills set they looked for in an ideal candidate, a tough situation they all faced
  • Near about eighty five percent (may be more) of the candidates that fulfilled all the criteria in terms of education, skills, experience, approach to work etc., perfect for vacant positions in an organization, were already employed and were not keen to make a shift or jump on to a new job..
  • And yet, the news is not so bad, because just a little less than half of those employed with healthcare sector reported that there was a possibility that they would shift jobs if it would prove good for their career.

It is a fact that top quality candidate does not remain without a job for more than a fortnight as he gets hired within that period, either approached directly by healthcare organization itself or via recruitment agencies in Mumbai, Bengaluru etc.

Healthcare recruitment sector is by and large candidate driven, wherein candidates are joining jobs on their terms, negotiating like never before. This is becoming a huge challenge for healthcare recruitment agencies across India. It has also been observed which can be compared to the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is that even though majority of good and worthy workforce is already employed, nearly three fourth of them are not open to changing job for better prospects, in terms of stable job, better growth, if they get an option to move to the city of their choice, and so on and so forth. The candidates are more conscious of their growth, and are more aware and verify everything by reading reviews about their employer or recruitment agency online.

Candidates consider and give a lot of weightage to the character of the company they are getting employed with or via (in case of healthcare recruitment agencies). They refer to top ten recruitment agencies in Mumbai or any other city of their choice, they also refer to the best places to join list of employers and see if they can find the company they are considering listed under it; they also take a step ahead, and check out corporate responsibility section of organizations they join by visiting their website, and so on and so forth. This leads to competition amid recruitment agencies in India becoming fierce to the extent of sounding negative.

Curaa is one of the leading competitive healthcare recruitment agencies of Nagpur having offices across India that follows the best practices and networks with top healthcare brands, which helps the registered candidates, find the best jobs options in healthcare sector. They offer this platform to candidates without any charges, whatsoever.

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Curaa is a Recruitment Agency specialising in Executive Search, Selection and Recruitment of Doctors.

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