cardiac surgery management

Minimal Invasive surgery is already a well-established practice and an alternative to traditional surgery and robotic surgery. For Minimal invasive cardiac surgery, aids were introduced into the field at the beginning of the new millennium and currently the following procedures can be performed by minimally invasive surgery: Mitral Valve repair and replacement, Aortic valve repair, Atrial septal defects repair, Coronary artery bypass, Removal of cardiac tumours, and Ablation of atrial fibrillation.

The benefits of this type of surgery are numerous. Improved cosmetic result is the most obvious advantage. In addition, because Median Sternotomy is avoided keeping the breastbone intact, trauma and postoperative pain are greatly reduced thereby improving quality of life and reducing hospital stay. On the other hand, patients are still exposed to the usual surgical risks such as bleeding, infection. Apart from these ‘Classical heart surgery operative targets’ there is important field where heart surgery will play an important role. First is in the treatment of advanced heart failure. The chronic shortage of organs for organ transplantation has led to a search for mechanical circulatory support. Currently, some research focuses on designing New Ventricular Assistance devices that may serve not only as bridge for transplantation, but also, a permanent treatment for patients with failing heart. Second, atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia. Surgical Ablation may provide an efficient therapeutic approach in patients with medically Refractory AF and in patients undergoing cardiac surgery for other pathology who have concomitant AF.

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