Physiotherapy Jobs in India

A physiotherapist is a medical professional who assists patients who have damaged their physical movement for reasons ranging from a simple fall to an accident, limited movement post-surgery and so on. Any kind of problem related to movement of body parts is set right by a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist predominantly treats injured or disabled patients helping them to recover and regain full function and movement of the injured body part. In physiotherapy jobs in India the professional applies his expertise to both, cure and prevent problems. A physiotherapist has in-depth anatomical and musculoskeletal knowledge.

Abundance of  Physiotherapy Job Vacancies

Our lifestyles have undergone an unimaginable change leading to the most bizarre pains and aches. Right from 6 year old or even infants to an 88 year old, irrespective of gender anybody can suffer injury or for differing reasons requires services of a physiotherapist. According to the available data India requires 1 physiotherapist for every 1000 patients whereas we have just about 4500- 5000 professionals qualified for the job. The demand for physiotherapist is steep and that is why physiotherapy jobs in India are thriving. Be it any city, whether one is seeking physiotherapy jobs in Pune or anywhere in India, a qualified candidate is bound to be placed suitably in the current situation where demand is higher than supply of these professionals.  The future of physiotherapists is bright in India

Colleges imparting education in physiotherapy offer bachelor and master’s degree for interested candidates. Candidates need to have a background in science in 12th standard. While Bachelor of Physiotherapy also referred to as BPT requires 50% marks in 10+2 (science); post-graduation involves another two-years. It’s called Master of  Physiotherapy (MPT).

Hospitals offer or advertise physiotherapy job opportunities against vacancies prefer to take BPT graduates as this is a specialization course and therefore pertinent for the job. A one year Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPT) will also enable candidates to get admission in BPT physiotherapy courses.

After completing course in physiotherapy, candidate has all kinds of scope to pursue career. Considering the speed at which healthcare industry is spreading its wings, a qualified physiotherapist can play the field. He can take up full time or part time job. He can have his own clinic and go to hospital or physiotherapy centre few days in a week or few hours in the day.

Physiotherapy job vacancies may arise in community health centres, mental health centres, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, by sportsmen and women at professional and amateur level, in fitness centres, government hospitals, in clinics treating Physically Handicapped people, in defense and even teaching establishments, and finally a physiotherapist can open his own private clinic or physiotherapy centre. The job is in demand in every small and big city in India. And those looking for a good foothold in the industry should register themselves with a recruitment agency that specializes in helping candidates in healthcare background find jobs.

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