Marketing your Mastery

We are all marketable depending on the skills we have. What is that quality which we can sell? Our talent, track record, potential and portfolio decide our success or failure. The more potential we have, the more powerful our portfolio, the better our chances of promoting ourselves. We have to be constantly up-to-date and a step ahead of the competition. Continuous honing, sharpening and upgrading ourselves and our skills are, perhaps, good marketing. If we blow things off more than we blow people away, the slide downwards is very fast. There are people in this world who have almost zero talents, but become big due to struggle and hard work. When we consistently do good work, people notice and entrust us with more responsibilities and monetary compensations. There are many talented people in this world who never get a big break. It is a combination of extra-ordinary talent and carving a way to let right people know about your talents. Every job we do is marketing and promotion. It does not matter how much time we have to consume; it is the ultimate result that matters. A musician practices for two hours a day and says, “I hate it but on the day of the concert, there is applause. We must have challenges and we should try to solve them”. After a concert, a fan rushed to Bharat Ratna M.S. Subbalakshmi and said: “I would give my whole life to sing as beautifully as you do”. She replied: “In fact, I did sacrifice my life to be the best”.

One should have a unique style being different from others. You get noticed: people fawn upon you; they want to be near you, to be associated, to be photographed, to be mentioned in the press. At the same time, one should drop the things, which does not suit his or her style. That way, we can cut the crap, the boast, and get down making ourselves stronger and more wanted by people.Whether you are an artist, bureaucrat, businessman or a labourer, you have an audience to satisfy. You can call that audience by different names, but they do exist. Remember, that you are entitled to your best performance when they witness with that expectation. There are constant complaints about the behaviour of bureaucracy for delay, harassment, corruption and negative attitude. All this happens because of bureaucratic for delay, harassment, corruption and negative attitude. All this happens because of bureaucratic culture that has immersed the system!

Everyone who has achieved greatness or fulfilment in life started with the dream. That calls up our limitless spiritual resources to move us forward towards our vision. An unlimited power to create lies within all of us. That should motivate us towards our goal constantly. Total commitment to a cause is like throwing a pebble into a lake; it creates ripples of value and good fortune, throughout our lives, with worthy results to follow. Knowing and accepting ourselves is a difficult preposition. Before we can make any physical changes, we should know who we are. This is the solid foundation that would help us to transform life. Imagine what happen when we build a house on a shaky foundation? It eventually collapses. We all need to accept ourselves as we are, no matter how it turns out at the end. So, spend some time to know yourself, to understand our strengths and weaknesses, what motivates us, and what we like or dislike about ourselves.

We may not really know whether we have control on our lives, or we are mere victims of circumstances. Stand in front of a mirror, and look at what you see there. As nothing stays the same and things are changing we also change. Once we take responsibility to run our lives, it is time to move on and capture new heights. Mature persons have a desire to produce their best, and give credit to the partners. Putting our talents to each endeavour to create and recreate life is the tool and weapon to progress. Mature persons are continually growing to reach new destinations and horizons. We are responsible for our lives; well-being and actions in all areas open to our choice. We may operate self-responsibility in our context and passively in another. For example, we may be self-responsible financially, but dependent on other emotionally. We may be pro-active when working for ourselves, but reactive and non-accountable when working for someone else. We may take a good deal of responsibility for our physical health, but irresponsible demonstrating irrational behaviour towards our spouse and children. If we are educated and manage to learn on our own, that we are responsible for the actions we initiate on the basis of our feelings, the chances are that we will be less impulsive and more thoughtful about our behaviour. A saying highlights: “If I want it, I need it. If I need it, I have the right to have it. If I have a right to it, someone owes it to me”.

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