prostate cancer
Accurate Biopsies for Prostate Cancer

Current methods of prostate cancer screening, such as PSA tests and rectal examination raises suspicion of Prostate Cancer. Sextant Prostate biopsy and Trans-rectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy, needle often passes through tumor-free areas-potentially missing the tumor entirely.

The MRI-Ultra Sound fusion biopsy technology may help overcome this limitation. Prostate and lesion segmentation data from MRI are transferred to the fusion system for review and target identification. A small, electromagnetic navigation sensor attaches to your existing ultrasound transducer. Positioning of the Tracking Navigation System above the patient & keeping eye on the real time advance of needle for Trans-rectal or Trans-perineal biopsy target is the advantage.

This technology converts 2D monochromatic ultrasound image to an enhanced 3D color image, allows biopsy site tracking with 3D image and fuses real-time ultrasound with MRI images.

In absence of MRI, ultrasound biopsy locations can be registered with Current, Prior or Future MRI fusion workflow and then targeted for re-sampling.

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