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First, it was struggling with getting into medical, then studying hard semester after semester, coming out with flying colors.  And here you are ready to fight a fresh battle you know very little about. Finding an employment. What worries doctors who’ve recently passed out or are looking for a shift is making a CV.

In this highly competitive job market no matter which institute a doctor has passed out from or how well she/he has scored, if doctor’s CV does not present her well, their career may be in jeopardy.

For a doctor looking for a suitable employment, CV acts as his/her gate pass. CV establishes an aspiring employee’s first contact with his/her potential employer.  Therefore it has to create a good impression about the applicant in the mind of the recruiter. If for a doctor the CV can do it, it will stand him in good stead in the long run. But if it reads weak and mediocre, or is made casually, all the years spent studying to become a doctor will stare in your face.

For those who do not know where to begin, seek the help of experts who make CVs for doctors.

The objective of a doctor’s CV is to present and highlight relevant information about you, your skills, qualifications, and experience to a prospective employer in the best light. A good CV helps to create a picture of the candidate in the mind of a recruiter and decide in favor of you. Essentially it is nothing but a personalized response from you to a vacancy that you are interested in applying for. Hence it is important that you create a good resume, keep it up-to-date so that it can be presented at the shortest notice, and let it be flexible to an extent.

As technology is advancing most jobs are processed via the internet. It is an accepted fact these days that selection process for most medical posts is being carried out using online application forms. However, this does not in any way reduce the role and importance of curriculum vitae (CV). It is still used by hospitals and companies having vacancies for doctors to shortlist candidates. CV again plays an important role at the time of interview. Hence it is important that you do not compromise when it comes to standard of your CV.

  • Content & Columns for Doctors’ CV
  • There are some specific tips to keep in mind while Doctors make their CV.
  • Keep Experience & Accomplishments Separate

A doctor should ensure that she/he projects experience and achievements as separate headings. This will make it easy for the potential employer to clearly and quickly evaluate your profile. A professional sequence to present yourself is; Academic qualifications, On-job or clinical experience, Non-clinical skills and reference. Your CV should clearly highlight your career history, clinical skills, and relevant experience; you should also mention development courses and conferences that you may have attended during the course of pursuing studies or on the job.

Research experience should also have a prominent position in a doctor’s CV. You should mention the topic of research, time spent, location, supervisor, the source of funding, the objective behind the research, your role and the final outcome.

If you have participated in a clinical audit you should highlight it in the CV. Include this experience with details like month or year commenced and completed the topic of clinical audit, place where it was carried out, (name of institution etc.), how you contributed, along with the guidelines within which clinical audit was carried out.

Presented or Published Papers:

In the course of research or while carrying out clinical audits if doctors have presented or submitted papers for publication they should mention it in the CV. They should mention the topic on which papers were submitted, the name of the journal they were published in, and date of publication.

Participated in Teaching? Include in your CV:

If you have ever participated in teaching programs do not forget to include it in the CV as it is bound to add strength to CV. Mention which semester or batch you taught, topic, methods you employed for teaching and any other aspect that needs to be highlighted.

IT Skills:

Increasing number of companies in healthcare industry want to employ doctors who are technology savvy and a number of things happening or supported by technology are rising rapidly and companies need doctors who can take control of the situation quickly and do not panic when a change occurs.

The column of personal interest should not be taken casually or be treated as something irrelevant because it helps to project your approach to life. Your interests other than your profession project your beliefs as a person and help to paint a picture of you in the mind of the recruiter.

Make a CV that sounds crisp & to-the-point so that you can secure a place at the interview in the institution of your choice.

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