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Skin Donation and Skin Banking: FAQ

The life is greatest gift of God. Extending life of one person has immense implications on the patient and his dependent family. It would be befitting to return the thanks if one could just help another person to enjoy this gift to the fullest, after one’s death.

Most people are aware of Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Eye donation but One more significant addition to this list is SKIN ! Donated Skin can be utilized for treating severely burnt patients.

Recently, Nagpur has got a Cadaveric Skin bank where this donated skin is processed and stored for use on burn patients.

Magnitude of the Burn injuries:

The estimated annual burn incidence in India is approximately 6-7 million per year. Majority of the extensively burnt patients die. These are the patient deficient of autograft (Donar skin from the same individual for grafting). Nearly 1 to 1.5 lack people get crippled and require multiple surgeries and prolonged rehabilitation. Seventy percent of the burn victims are in most productive age group of 15 to 40 years. The treatment cost is immense but unfortunately, most of the patients belong to poor socio-economic strata.

Now imagine all these patients getting benefit both treatment wise, and financially. That’s the impact donated Skin and Skin bank cause on these patients.

When a person can donation his skin?

A person can donate his skin within in 6 hours from his death. It can also be harvested from a brain dead patient.

Who can donate skin?

Anyone irrespective of sex & blood group, if he or she is above 18 years age.

How much time the whole Skin Donation procedure takes?

About 20 – 25 minutes.

Is it necessary to transport the donor to the hospital after death?

No, Skin Bank Team will come to the donor’s home, hospital or morgue wherever the donor is kept. We don’t need to shift the donor to the operating room, hospital or ambulance.

Who performs the Skin Harvesting procedure?

By Skin donation Team consisting of one Doctor, two Nurses and one attendant.

How the skin is harvested?

By using a special instrument called DERMATOME.

Is the consent for skin donation is taken before the skin harvesting procedure?

Yes, doctor will take consent of the next of kin of the donor and a witness

From which part of the body skin is harvested?

Skin is harvested from both the legs, both the thighs and the back.

Is entire thickness of the skin is harvested?

NO, only 1/8th layer i.e. the uppermost layer of the skin is harvested.

Is there any bleeding or disfigurement to the body?

No, there is no bleeding or disfigurement at the site of skin donation. After the procedure body parts are bandaged in a proper way.

What conditions render skin unfit for donation?

Skin of persons suffering from AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Skin Cancer, Active Skin Disease & Septicemia.

What about diabetes & hypertension?

Even donors with these conditions can donate their skin.

How will my donation be used?

After the skin is harvested, skin will be evaluated, processed, screened at skin bank, and then supplied to the Burns Surgeon for transplanting on burn patients.

How do you preserve the skin & how long it can be preserved?

In 85% glycerol solution, it is stored between 4-5 degree Celsius and it can be stored for a period of 5 years.

Do we have to pay the Skin Donation Team?

No !Selling & buying organs is illegal.

Do we need to produce any documents to the Skin Bank Team when they arrive?

Yes, DEATH CERTIFICATE & medical records, if any.

Is there any kind of Donor-Recipient matching required for skin transplant?

No, any one’s skin can be transplanted on any one, no blood, colour or age matching required.

Is it compulsory to pledge or register ourselves with the skin bank if we wish to donate skin?

No, it’s not compulsory to pledge or register, but your relatives should know & consent for skin donation.

If we want to call your Skin Bank Team for a skin donation call what should we do?

You can call us on our 24 hours ROTARY OCHRI SKIN BANK, NAGPUR HELPLINE NUMBER 9422106298 or 0712- 6634800.

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