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Paediatric oncology covers all malignant conditions in infants, children, including teens suffering cancer that includes blood cancer; also commonly referred to as leukemia. Oncology Pediatrician treats and manages children and teens with cancers that may cover the following conditions:

  • Leukemia, lymphomas, brain tumors, bone tumors, and solid tumors;
  • Diseases related to blood cells that also include disorders or problems related to white cells, red cells, and platelets; and
  • Bleeding disorders

The specialist doctors involved in such care are called paediatric oncologists and paediatric hematologists.  If a child or teen is diagnosed with blood or brain cancer, paediatric oncologists evaluate and treat such a child / teen. Children with such cancers at such an early age require special care that a Paediatric oncologist learns from advanced theoretical knowledge and practical training besides experience that s/he gains through his/her years of practice. With rising cases of this condition across the world, scope for Pediatric oncology jobs is also on the rise. Paediatric oncologistisan expert, qualified doctor, who treats children and teens since birth through young adulthood.

Primary and advanced educational qualification to become a Paediatric specializing in children’s cancer includes MBBS, DCH, MD, and Fellowship from a recognized university that also includes a fixed period (or hours) of internship where the candidate is trained and given experience on the job under supervision of qualified and trained cancer specialists and paediatrics.  It generally includes 4 years of medical training, followed by 3 years of residency training as Pediatric  and then another 3 to 4 years of fellowship training in Pediatric oncology. For a qualified and experienced paediatric oncologist jobs one can apply in private or government hospitals, rehabilitation & research institutes etc.

If you are looking for paediatric jobs in any field the best way to go about scanning your choices and ensuring that you get to see the best jobs available in your field it is good to enroll with a placement agency that specializes in providing manpower to healthcare set-ups.  They have the storehouse of jobs in various cities and capacities to suit varying profiles. Till a few years ago a general physician was all that we had heard of and would go to for all our common ailments but now for anything and everything related to health issues we are referred to specialists. Likewise kids are referred to pediatrics; paediatric jobs are one such segment.

A placement agency specializing in medical field helps you to find the best jobs available in your field of expertise. If you happen to be a qualified oncologist and enroll with a placement agency they will show you the best jobs in oncology in your city or hospital of preference. Like, for a kids’ cancer specialist, the agency presents a list of best Paediatric oncology jobs they also offer choices to candidates with other qualifications and expectations. Curaa is one such recruitment agency that focuses on healthcare sector. Whether you are a dentist or looking for Paediatric oncology jobs or in any other field, all you have to do is visit their website, register free of cost, start scanning the job data to see what in it for you. When you find a suitable placement you can apply… all this can be done from the comfort of your home or office, from your mobile phone. They also have an active and helpful online assistance who respond to your emails and chats in real time! Visit Curaa to find your best bets in Paediatric Oncology jobs!

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