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RMO or Resident Medical Officer is basically a doctor with administration and management skills and capabilities that help her or him to take on this responsibility and assist consultants on duty to deal with last minute emergencies.  Basic qualifications required for applying and being eligible for RMO jobs in Mumbai or any other city in India is an MBBS degree or equivalent. If MBBS is followed by a degree in Management it is highly preferred but not necessary.

Responsibilities & Duties in Prospects Interested in Finding RMO Jobs in Mumbai

RMO is responsible for studying and modifying patient’s drugs and diet at regular intervals which have been prescribed and recommended by doctor and surgeons looking after the patient. At the time of reviewing patient, it is RMO’s responsibility and duty tonsure dialysis adequacy & modifying therapy whenever necessary; improve patient’s clinical KPI’s; review and modify patient’s prescription at regular intervals based on how she or he is responding to drugs and course of treatment; whenever hospitals introduce new therapies, RMO may be asked to promoting new therapies amid patients and doctors to encourage them to take it up for faster or better results.

Thus, resident Medical Officer’s primary job is to facilitate medical assistance and provide immediate first line resuscitation to patient, look after visitor, patient, and staff management round the clock besides providing back-up support to consultants in the hospital. They are required to remain on the hospital site at all times. Meals and accommodation are provided free while as RMO is on duty; rules although may differ from hospitals to hospitals. So it is duty of an RMO to get clarity on all the information before applying for RMO Jobs in Mumbai or any city of one’s choice.

RMO job is extremely suitable for doctors who’re still studying or wish to pursue higher studies and wish to earn a reasonable salary to keep them going.

Before applying for medical officer jobs, a candidate ought to collect enough information about the hospital s/he’s applying. The profile of these jobs varies a great deal in terms of workload, clinical profile, etc. Also if one is applying for RMO jobs in corporate hospitals that have their set-ups in all major cities, the candidates can’t ignore the fact that they may be allocated or transferred to another city on being selected. Hence such job aspirants if they are looking for RMO vacancy in Mumbai, and are not willing to move out or relocate, they should select their hospitals where they are applying for RMO jobs carefully and even while being interviewed should bring it to the notice of interviews about their preference of city, if any.

An RMO or medical officer jobs are available in many modern private hospitals, government hospitals, medical healthcare centers, rehabilitation centers, research centers, and so on. Candidates can keep a tab on newspapers, medical journals, etc. to find jobs as RMO. One of the effective methods to find RMO jobs is also to register with recruitment agencies specializing in medical healthcare recruitment. Curaa is a highly professional recruitment agency that specializes in providing healthcare jobs to aspirants looking for a career in hospitals and other related medical and research institutes. It helps these centers to find suitable candidates as per their requirements on one hand; and on the other it helps candidates with relevant skills to find placement in the city and hospital of their choice. So if you are looking for RMO jobs in Mumbai or elsewhere, your best chances await you as you register with Curaa.

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