Companies will often conduct screening interviews via video or telephone before getting into the main round of face-to-face interviewing. Although this stage may seem like a preliminary to the main event, it is just as crucial for getting your foot in the door, so you need to be prepared. Read on to learn the basic dos and don’ts of video and telephone interviews.

  1. Do a Check of Your Signal

There is nothing more frustrating than your broadband, wifi, or telephone signal dropping out during a conversation. However, when it happens during an interview with your potential employer, the consequences can be even more severe. After all, if they can’t hear you speak, how can they assess your performance? Therefore, check your signal before the interview and be in a place where you know it is reliable.

  1. Do Show Enthusiasm

The words you say in the interview may not adequately portray your desire for the job. Remember, you are conducting this process remotely, so the people on the other end of the line may not be able to read your body language or facial expressions. You must display enthusiasm so that the interviewers know how much you want the job.

  1. Do Have All the Facts and Information at Hand

The three most important aspects for success in any job interview are preparation, preparation, and preparation! Ensure that you gather all essential information about the company and the role and have this at your fingertips. You’re at an advantage here, in as much as you can have notes placed discreetly to help you. So be prepared, and have all the facts and information at hand.

  1. Don’t Get Distracted

While you are checking your telephone or wifi connection, find a place where you know you won’t get distracted. Outside noise, disturbances, or an untidy environment can all cause distractions. Getting distracted will not only break your concentration during the interview, but it will also be evident to the interviewers that you have not prepared adequately. So, don’t get distracted!

  1. Don’t Mumble

During an interview, you must speak clearly and never mumble. However, this requirement is even more crucial during a video or telephone interview as there is less opportunity for communicating with body language or facial expressions. Therefore, speak clearly, and don’t mumble.


Telephone or video interviews are becoming more popular for companies to screen candidates before the expense of a face-to-face interview. Hopefully, these basic do’s and don’ts for remote interviews will help you land the next job of your dreams.




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