The healthcare industry offers services related to treating diseases and sustaining wellness in the community. Those employed in healthcare sector in any capacity are indirectly or directly associated with helping people to retain good health. Individuals employed in healthcare industry are people serving patients or those unwell or ageing to lead a good life.

As healthcare industry is expanding in India and across the world too, employment generation is on the rise. As more medical and healthcare set-ups are coming up, demand for employable professionals is also increasing.

Healthcare jobs in modern and technology driven set-ups call for specific skills and qualifications besides experience. These jobs are well paying and come with healthy perks, growth prospects, and security. As jobs are on the rise; the healthcare job sector is also evolving and becoming more systematic and regularized.  Special portals and job boards are being launched and promoted to advertise employment in this sector where people interested or qualified in this sector can keep track and apply for healthcare jobs across India. It is much less taxing compared to 10 or 15 years ago when one had to scan through every newspaper and magazine and apply everywhere individually; make photocopies of certificates and documents and so on. Now thanks to internet, it’s a paperless process that you can finish within minutes. From tracking the job to negotiating final terms and conditions, everything happens faster and more efficiently and systematically.

Growth of Healthcare Industry

After IT boom that happened some years ago, Indian economy is once again witnessing and experiencing something as big, significant and solid! Healthcare has arrived in India, and is counted amongst the fastest growing sectors now. It is easy to notice that nearly every city is getting new hospitals and medical set-ups that wasn’t the case till a few years back.  We are seeing entire cities flourishing and shaping up as medical hubs.

With all the news about FDI, the economy is absolutely booming; Government is also treating healthcare as a priority sector and creating and introducing new models to create better solutions.  Healthcare wave is changing the face of some of our cities in a way that we couldn’t have imagined a few years ago.

People are beginning to look at India as a medical destination and India is working hard and leaving no stone unturned to prove them right.

India Gaining Recognition as Medical Destination Worldwide

The primary reasons for India to emerge as a medical hub are several. Foreign nationals are increasingly looking at India when it comes to getting medical treatments because our medical costs are low as compared to the treatments abroad. India provides affordable medical solutions for all kinds of health related problems from cataract to open heart surgery. On home turf, we are a country with a huge and growing population; plus our ageing population is also on the rise owing to which demand for medical services is on the rise for Indians too.

Medical Job Opportunities

And when healthcare industry is growing, obviously Healthcare and Medical Job Opportunities are also growing! When we refer to healthcare sector, it does not stop or point only at general and super-specialty hospitals; growth of healthcare sector has been divided into several sectors including life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, services, and healthcare equipment. We can see all these emerging in India. While some of these institutes are being set up by Indians; many globally renowned names in healthcare sector are setting up their hospitals and industries in India. So all in all India is on its way building the best infrastructure and systems in medical field they can.

We will emerge as a competent market and will be able to provide medical care to people worldwide provided we employ the right professionals in all the above mentioned sectors; because without people no infrastructure, technology, or system can survive or succeed. The pace at which we are growing, time is not far when we will need vision of experts to develop new methodologies, technologies, and medical procedures to upgrade or create superior health solutions. Since the healthcare industry is so diverse and growing, hundreds of thousands of professionals are required in different cities and towns. And as it expands, the demand will go up further in the years to come.

Types of Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare as a sector has created and will continue to create many types of employment opportunities. The main categories are Health diagnosing and treating practitioners, Health technologists and technicians, Healthcare support, Office and administrative support etc.

Besides working in hospitals as doctors, specialists, etc. there are many types of jobs including admin jobs, outpatient jobs, laboratory, ambulatory care services, Medical assistants, Nursing assistants, Registered nurses, Respiratory therapists Health technologists and technicians, Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses, Medical and clinical laboratory technicians, Medical and clinical laboratory technologists, Medical records and health information technicians, Pharmacy technicians, Radiologic technologists, Surgical technologists Healthcare support, cleaners, etc.

Health care job vacancies are everywhere and everyone in the industry is looking for good hands and heads. For India to compete on world platform as a medical destination it will have to become more regulated and organized as a sector. And India is definitely getting ready!

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