Healthcare; The `Future Bright’ Industry!

Healthcare industry is emerging as one of largest and fastest growing sectors in India.  And there is clear indication that it is going to be a major segment to fuel economic growth and generate employment in the years to follow.

State-of-the-art hospitals, modern medical devices, patient care facilities, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance are growing. State economies are booming; revenues and employment opportunities are also growing. The changing face of cities earning reputation of being medical hubs is a standing proof that there is more in the offing.

Owing to the sector growing, the need for professional manpower in the field is on the rise in urban as well as rural India; amid private as well as government hospitals. On one hand hospitals in rural and urban areas are looking for competent doctors; from general physicians, specialists, to surgeons and other medical staff to join their team; on the other, there are growing number of pharmaceutical companies, seeking services of an educated workforce to join them as support staff, Then there is additional requirement of staff that can handle medical admin, insurance, the hi-tech medical equipment and machines, medical software, labs, medicine department, and so on.

Role of Well Regulated Healthcare Recruitment Portals

Considering the above, role of regulated Healthcare Recruitment Portals is getting significant, definite, and better defined. They are emerging as reliable platforms where doctors and hospitals can get to know each other, about each other, connect, and figure out how to best provide support and services to each other and grow.

Medical Employment on the Rise in Urban as well as Rural Areas

Prior to the internet revolution, to find suitable employment in the medical industry was rather tedious. Doctors and hospital staff would have to repeatedly go through a long winded and tiring process of submitting various relevant and mandatory pre-employment documentation, against every appointment advertisement they came across in various media. It used to be a very time consuming exercise. With Healthcare Employment Portals things have eased a lot. This digital innovation causes fewer headaches for everyone involved; time is saved, accuracy of data can be maintained.

Doctors, nurses and related medical staff can register and upload their detailed CVs on these portals as well as go through employment vacancies and opportunities posted by hospitals on the portals. They can shortlist opportunities they want to apply for and do it immediately.  Through these portals they also come to know about suitable employment opportunities in  other cities. They can thus get to choose to work with the best physicians, nurses in the location of their choice and enjoy extensive benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Professionally & Technically Managed e-Platforms

Portals are hosted in a safe virtualized environment that electronically store information and facilitate offering secure access to registered potential employers and employees. They are given rights to navigate through the portal and avail of services as per their requirement, viz. go through or upload or update relevant documents etc. via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone by becoming registered users.

These portals have a proper hire form that includes in case of hospital, its profile, in case of candidates, their CV, photographic identification, occupational health & EPP certification, training documents and any other relevant document.

When doctors enroll themselves on healthcare recruitment portals their need to submit their documents over and again is eliminated to a large extent.  These portals also minimize duplication of paperwork making the employment process more efficient.

When you engage or associate with a healthcare portal with a robust infrastructure and roadmap it offers candidates facilities like, reloading/uploading documents whenever ready or updated, at any time of the day or night, from any location. Portals send reminders when document are due for updating or edit without being overbearing.

Healthcare Recruitment Portals have Manpower Managers and teams on its roll who verify the document that are being submitted to the portals every day. If they come across documents wherein certain details are missing, these managers focus on getting those furnished and completed. This means the documents you’ve submitted to such portals is not only secure but also complete in all aspects. This improves your chances of being seen and viewed closely by those looking for services in your category or area of specialization.

If need arises they also verify Medical Council Registration Numbers, eliminating chances of confusion, misconduct, or misuse of platform. In the times of electronic applications &e-portfolios need for doctors to maintain an up to date curriculum vitae remains as important today, and these managers assist you to prepare a clear, relevant and concise resume.

Role of Healthcare Recruitment Portals cannot be undermined. They have taken off and will emerge as an active community. They will evolve with time, become more efficient as user-base increases.

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