You can spend days trawling through newspaper or website job advertisements or approaching companies directly, but you may never find the job of your dreams. Here are five reasons why you should consider using a recruitment agency for your job search.

Reason 1. Market Knowledge and Exceptional Access

You might have the superior skills, knowledge, and experience for the job you are looking for. The same applies to a recruitment agency; getting people jobs is their expertise. They can offer you advice and insights into the sector you are looking for employment in. You can submit your CV, and an expert will assess its quality and suitability for a particular job. The recruitment agency will often get access to a job before it goes into the public domain. Sometimes, an appointment will only ever go to a particular recruitment agency due to the long-term relationships they’ve built up with many companies.

Reason 2. Save Time and Effort

Let’s face it; job hunting is time-consuming! Hopefully, you’ll be doing it from a position of already being in employment. However, if you are already employed, you have to find the time and muster the additional effort to search for a job. Looking for a suitable vacancy, amending your CV to that particular position, researching the company, and so on all takes time and effort. Using a recruitment agency will cut out a lot of the time and effort it takes to find a job.

Reason 3. Free help and Guidance

A recruitment agency can help you write your CV, ensuring that you place the correct emphasis on the right areas to give you the best chance to get an interview. They can also mentor you through the interview process, preparing you as best as possible for selection.

Reason 4. Interview Technique Feedback

Going into an interview cold and out-of-practice will result in you not giving your best performance. A recruitment agency can provide you with feedback on your interview technique. They will know what the company is expecting and coach you accordingly along those lines. Going into an interview having been coached in this way will fill you with confidence, ensuring you give your best impression to your potential new employer.

Reason 5. Get the Best Offer

They know what the sector standard salary is and how much you could get. Often, candidates sell themselves short at the interview stage and accept an offer that is well below what they could have achieved. With a recruitment agency, you are more likely to get the salary you deserve.


Job hunting is time-consuming and takes considerable effort. By using a recruitment agency, you will not only save yourself time and work, but you will also put yourself in a much better position to get the job of your dreams and a salary to match.




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