When you apply for a new job, it is standard to send your potential employer your resume or CV or submit it through the company’s online application process. However, many companies also require you to submit a covering letter as part of the hiring process. This letter is an opportunity to explain why you feel you are an appropriate fit for the role. It also provides the company with an additional filtration level during the hiring process.

Even if the job advertisement does not explicitly state that a covering letter is required, it is a good idea to include one as part of your application. This brief article will discuss the importance of a covering letter, so read on to found out more.

What is a Covering Letter? 

A covering letter is a one-page synopsis about why you feel you are qualified for the position for which you’re applying. It is included with your resume and sent along with the main application. A well-written covering letter can help your application stand out and could be the difference between getting an interview and missing out.

The Importance of a Good Covering Letter

Some companies will place more value on covering letters than others. However, you can be sure that including one will do your chances of success no harm. Here are some reasons you might want to include a covering letter, even if there is no specific requirement.

  1. You Can Tell Your Story

There is little space on a CV to elaborate on any details outside of work experience, skills, and previous roles. A covering letter allows you to tell your story and engage with the hiring manager on a personal level before the interview. You have the opportunity to explain why you want a new challenge, how you achieved your qualifications, or elaborate on your particular strengths.

  1. Relationship Building

Success during many hiring processes can come down to building a relationship with the person(s) you will ultimately be working with. The sooner you can start developing these relationships, the greater your chances of success. A covering letter allows you to go beyond the facts and details of a resume or CV. It enables you to explain the why and how of situations, helping you put across some of your personality, and start building relationships with those that read your letter.

  1. You Can Explain Your Previous Professional Relationships

Networking and referrals play a crucial role in many hiring processes. Having a covering letter allows you to explain how and why you have developed relationships with those who have recommended you for the post. Your first opportunity to explain your previous professional relationships would be at the interview without a covering letter. However, without a covering letter, you might not get there!


If you are applying for a new role at the moment, no doubt you will be going through your resume and CV to make sure they are up-to-date and as polished as possible. However, while you are doing it, consider writing a specific covering letter for the new role. Hopefully, this brief article will have convinced you of why you should, and it will put you on track for securing the new job of your dreams.




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