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Homeopathy is an ancient and alternate branch of medicine which is extremely popular in India.

As one gets ready to prepare for a career in BHMS s/he ought to have basic information about this career. The first and most important thing to know for an aspirant is that s/he ought to be a qualified Homeopath to practice as a Doctor. For which one has to devote 9-10 years to studying the subject. A homeopath isn’t someone who earns a certificate through a’eight-week’ crash course. A professional homeopath in India has to undertake and complete 5-year course just like a regular MBBS, with one year of internship at a hospital. BHMS student also has to study the same subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Gynecology, Surgery and Medicine that are taught to one getting trained for becoming a doctor of allopathy.To become Doctor of Medicine in Homeopathy [M.D. (Hom)], candidate is required to study for three more years and also do one-year fellowship course in dermatology. Thus it may take around ten years for one to become a Homeopath. It is only then that s/he becomes qualified to apply against vacancy for BHMS Doctors  anywhere in India.

As India is growing as a healthcare hub, there is no dearth of jobs for BHMS doctors and allied services. In fact Homeopathy has millions of followers in India and across the world; it is a science and branch of treatment that many generations have sworn by. Thus it enjoys a really wide acceptance. Healthcare set-ups that are coming up are also not ignoring this fact and many of them are setting up separate department where alternate therapies and treatment specialists attend to patients. The best thing about Homeopathy is that this course of treatment can run parallel to allopathy. In majority of cases it does not create a hurdle for allopathy but speeds up the process of recoupment etc.

For those looking for BHMS jobs in Mumbai will find many opportunities to work in the metro in general hospitals as well as homeopathy hospitals. A homeopath can also set up private practice by opening his own clinic. If you scan through Vacancy for BHMS Doctors in Mumbai you will come across many of them whether in newspapers, medical magazines, on the net, through placement agencies and many such avenues.

For those looking at jobs for homoeopathic doctors in Mumbai, Chennai or any city or town the best way to go about it is to register with recruitment or placement agencies. These days, recruitment agencies have also started focusing on specific industry in order to become more organized as well as enhance the

quality of their service. Now there are placement agencies that focus exclusively on healthcare industry.

If you are a homeopathy doctor in search of job you may have heard about Curaa. It is a placement agency that specializes in providing jobs to doctors and hospital staff in healthcare industry in private hospitals and government hospitals. When you register with Curaa it not only presents various vacancies in your preferred department and city/town but also assist you in ways that will improve your chances of finding a job of your choice.Curaa guides you to face interview with confidence, it helps you to create a focused resume. As they have many healthcare outfits as their clients they offer a wide choice of vacancy for BHMS Doctors and can also counsel you with regard to hospitals that will suit your temperament.

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