Physiotherapy Jobs

In physiotherapy jobs, a therapist helps to improve and resolve patients ‘physical movement related problem, and streamlines functions of the human body in order to help him gain or restore optimal physical health. Physiotherapist’s job involves assessment, diagnosis and treatment of health problems involving physical disability with help of techniques like simple exercise massage, therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, ultrasound, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and many more as s/he may deem fit and access to tools and technology.

For those seeking career in Physiotherapy which is high in demand these days, have to pursue graduation, it’s called BPT, Bachelor in Physiotherapy and those interested in advanced studies to reach higher on career ladder pursue masters in physiotherapy called the MPT course. While BPT is a four year full time course, followed by an internship lasting six months or more; MPT is a two year full time course.  These courses, besides theory also impart practical hands-on training. They use a variety of teaching/ learning techniques, from lectures, discussing case discussions, practical exercises, and laboratory work, to field visits, attending seminars, getting into collaborative learning, group discussions, assignments, hands-on training, internship, dissertation, and so on.

After successfully completing bachelor or master’s degree aspirants can apply against physiotherapy job vacancies in a city of their choice. This profession is in very high in demand. Whether one is looking for physiotherapy jobs in Pune, Hyderabad, or any other city in India, with right qualifications and some experience on your side, it is a career offering bright and lucrative future.

A physiotherapist can work or get jobs in the following set-ups:

  • He / She can join a private physiotherapy center
  • Can offer services as a an independent therapist
  • Can work in a day clinic part time/fulltime therapist
  • Can join private or government hospital
  • Join nursing home
  • Work in health resorts
  • Can specialize in children’s physiotherapy and offer services,

Physiotherapists primarily help patients restore health from a state of incapacity that may have arisen owing to genetic defect, accident, or an unfortunate illness. In physiotherapy jobs candidate has to have solid knowledge of the human anatomy and complexities of bones, muscles and nerves, etc. He gains better insight with experience and keeping oneself updated through medical journals.

Physiotherapy vacancy is not hard to find in today’s times where we are seeing so many healthcare organizations setting up hospitals in various cities and towns of India. Earlier this career option/job was not so popular hence we had fewer people pursuing a career in it. However, now physiotherapy jobs are sought as each hospital needs at least one full time physio and several part-time as per demand if not more, especially multispecialty hospitals.

For those who have completed BPT or MPT and are on a lookout for suitable opening in the field of Physiotherapy in hospitals or any of the above mentioned set-ups where vacancy for physiotherapist is likely to exist, should keep their eyes open. If it is not possible for candidates to keep an eye on all good job openings across the region, they should register themselves with recruitment agencies that provide manpower to these healthcare set-ups. These agencies are in the know of the best vacancies in healthcare centers, and if you’re registered with them, chances are without having to scan through newspapers and journals and internet, they will bring the best vacancies to you. Curaa is one such recruitment agency specializing in healthcare manpower with a helpful team to guide you through every step to help you make the rich career decision. If you’re interested, please visit their website and register your profile with them and get going! Sooner than you know, you may have the best Physiotherapy jobs choices in hand!

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