Appearing for job interviews is the big daddy of all tests and examinations you’ve appeared in your life.  Hence it is important that do your homework, and don’t mess up.

Let’s start with two relevant points that interviewees should pay attention to in order to get into the right company. These are not interview tips but important from the point of view of career.

Choose Your Company/Employer:

First point is that apply in the companies you would like to work with to grow professionally rather than haphazardly applying against appointment advertisements or following instructions of placement agencies.

When you select a company that you want to work with, it is understood that you have made the effort to collect information about the company. And to be appearing for the interview there is a conscious decision. This will give you a different kind of energy, grit, and willingness to perform well in the interviews.

Sync CV with Your Personality:

Second, is about your CV. Get it made from a professional to stand in the competent world but make sure it sounds like you. Sometimes interviewee’s personality does not match with that of the CV she/he carries. The candidate is pretty good but his/her CV looks average and vice-versa. It spoils one’s chances of getting into a good company even before actual interview has begun.

Carry a CV that makes you comfortable. Big words, too much jargon makes you sound hollow.

If it is your first job interview, you’re on a threshold where your status will change from being a student to an employee; and you’ll step into a new phase of life.

While appearing for a job interview (whether it’s your first interview or you’ve faced them earlier), a few points that we’re about to discuss will keep you on the top of your game.

Learn to Say Pass:

Whether you’re appearing for written interview, personal interview, interview on phone or Skype. The employer should get a feeling that you’re focused, dedicated, and serious about your career. While appearing for written interviews, don’t attempt the questions you do not know answers to. Don’t make wild, irresponsible guesses. Employers sitting on the other side of the table are smarter than you think.

Apply the same principal while appearing for personal interviews. If you don’t know the answer, admit politely that you don’t know the answer. Understandably so, it might get embarrassing at times but being honest keeps the interviewee in a comfortable zone to deal with the volley of questions that are to follow.

If you have to appear for phone-interview make sure that you choose a quiet place where there is no noise in the background of people, traffic, other phones ringing etc.  It creates distraction and an impression that you are not serious about work.

If it is going to be a Skype interview, look good, dress well and clean the place that will be visible to the interviewer.  When the interviewer is talking to you, used clothes or soiled teacups would not make for a very good scene. Please pay attention to your appearance.

With phone and skype interviews the advantage is that you can keep your CV and points to highlight handy. Take advantage of it.

If it is a personal interview, do what it takes, but don’t appear hesitant in words or in action. It is a big minus even before a word is exchanged. On the contrary it is very reassuring for an employer to interview a candidate whose body language and speech reflect comfort and self-assuredness.

These are important entry level interview tips. Not complying may result in you being rejected at entry level.

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