Medical Oncology Jobs in India

Oncology is a department of medicine that specializes in dealing with diagnosis and treatment of cancer. And Oncologist is the doctor specializing in treating cancer. In the present scenario, there are many medical oncology jobs in India available across different cities. Before we start discussing jobs, let’s understand about the field of Oncology.

Oncology deals with treatment of cancer. The treatments can be of several types, as under:

  • Medical Oncology branch of cancer treatment deals with chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and use of other drugs prescribed by specialist doctors and alternate therapists for treating or controlling cancer;
  • Radiation oncology is a treatment where radiation therapy is used for treating and controlling cancer at various stages.
  • Surgical oncology is branch of treatment where patient has to undergo surgery and other procedures to get rid of, control or treat cancer.These different types of oncologists sometimes also need to work in tandem to treat a person diagnosed with cancer and develop a routine for patient’s care, diet etc.

Oncology Hospitalist Jobs

Doctors who specialize in treating cancer are called the oncologists. They may be physicians or surgeons. It is a hospital’s prerogative whether they hire physicians or surgeons, depending on their requirements. Oncologists ‘job is to examine patients physically and study various reports of the tests that the patient is asked to undergo; based on all the data and physical examination, s/he evaluates the case, extent of damage, chances of survival, quality of life after survival etc. and arrives at treatment plan for patients at various stages of the disease. To get to know about the jobs available in this field you can type Oncology Hospitalist jobs and other such phrases to gather more information as you start to apply for medical oncology jobs. This gathering on information will help you to understand precise job profiles of these specialists, future prospects, number of vacancies, cities where the vacancies exist and so on.

If you are interested in looking for ways to help people suffering from cancer or are getting treated, you can check out medical oncology jobs & career options available in various hospitals.  We all know how speedily and alarmingly cancer is growing and spreading worldwide due to various new age and age old reasons in all age groups. With rise in cancer incidents, jobs for cancer specialists and specialized nurses and other staff is also on rise.Oncology is a very rewarding field and there are many medical oncology jobs in India. However for those seeking career in this field ought to remember that it can be one of the most challenging and stressful careers to be in, because of the nature of the disease; constant contact with cancer patients, who are sometimes terminally ill too can make oncologist and nurses feel sick and can even impact the quality of their life.

There are specific educational requirements for one interested to become an Oncologist. All oncology doctors have to complete undergraduate degree of four years from a medical school then there is a residency or fellowship aspect also attached to it that a candidate is required to complete that can last anywhere between two to four years, based on the field of cancer you are specializing in. To keep a tab on medical oncology recruitment, try this! Before you apply in the hospital of your choice directly or via recruitment agencies specializing in providing manpower to healthcare industry, get experience and exposure in smaller set-ups and build a few cases to show what you’ve worked on. This will help you to create an impressive and yet realistic resume to get noticed by your prospective employer.

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